The RevOps MBA - with Brian Kreutz

Do you like short-form video content?

Are you looking to become a masterful RevOps professional within HubSpot?

Then this series is for you!

Brian will be diving into the world of Revenue Operations, talking through key concepts while taking you behind the scenes of how we implement our RevOps strategy at RevPartners and for all of our customers.

In this course:

  • videocam 12 lessons
  • speed under 60 minutes
Class 1

What exact is RevOps? The definition may surprise you.

The RevOps MBA Video 2-1
Class 2

The core concepts of RevOps have been around for decades. How did the word suddenly become so popular?  

The RevOps MBA Video 3
Class 3

If you liked the movie “Moneyball”, then you’ll love RevOps.

Class 4

Passive Adoption vs Active Adoption.  

Hint:  You want the second one!

Class 5

Adoption (part two)

Yes, it’s THAT important.