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Focus your time on driving revenue, not implementing Hubspot. Leverage Hubspot services faster with experts on your team.

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A HubSpot Engine that Wins - 0 to 60 in 90 Days

Not all HubSpot onboarding services are created equal. Our packages follow the proprietary HubSpot 0-60 Plan that gets your revenue engine ready for Race Day.

No Instance too complex -> we specialize in the complex tech stack integration, difficult data migrations, and custom designs.

The Strategy

We map/whiteboard your entire G2M motion prior to implementing. No process left behind.

The Audit

A full technical discovery of your tech stack to inform integration, customizations, and migrations.

The Implementation

A 90 project plan that ensures your HubSpot is running smoothly.

The Support

Even the best HubSpot engines need maintenance. We are HubSpot mechanics - ensure your CRM is primed and ready!

Experience The RevPartners Difference

White Glove HubSpot Onboarding
by a Trusted Partner

  • Designated Resource: Get a dedicated Revenue Strategist. Our team does not manage more than 6 onboardings at one time. Get the attention your HubSpot deserves.
  • HubSpot Experts: Your own team of experts. Our team averages 10 HubSpot certifications per employee. We specialize in HubSpot.
  • Overcommunication: We remind you of statuses and upcoming tasks, taking the burden off your plate.
  • Responsibility: If something fails, it’s our fault. Period.

First Place Clients

When I was considering changing our CRM to HubSpot, I received the advice to hire a HubSpot CRM onboarding team, no matter what. And it was definitely the best advice I received. RevPartners has been key to us not only understanding HubSpot and all that it can do for our organization, but implementing it and making our sales process stronger. At our 40+ year old company, we had used the same CRM for the past 20 years. So this was a HUGE change for the company. But Matt has been able to take our current process, explain ways to tweak it to make it better but also still fit into how we've always ran our business, so we can go from being good to great! I really can't recommend RevPartners more. If you do HubSpot, you MUST do RevPartners!

Lacey S.

RevPartners = HubSpot Magicians. They are knowledgeable about anything related to revenue operations and how to best leverage HubSpot to make sales and marketing magic. I highly recommend them and refer them to anyone that needs HubSpot (or revenue operations) advice or help. 

David Q.

Learning that our company was going to be transitioning into HubSpot was great news since we would be able to consolidate our existing systems, but once our team scoped out how extensive this project would be, we realized this was an even bigger project than we imagined. Thankfully, Matt and his team were there to guide us through the HubSpot onboarding process in detail. Suddenly, all of the nerves went away knowing that we had an expert working alongside us. Having Matt as our "Project Manager" allowed us to ramp up and have a soft launch within a couple of weeks which will allow our team more time to conduct testing before our launch date. Matt's knowledge of our CRM and HubSpot's capabilities made this project go smoothly. We couldn't recommend anyone else to have on your team with robust projects such as this. Thanks all! 


As a SaaS company, we work in over 5 different platforms and understood migrating into HubSpot was a massive project and very time-consuming. Matt's response time and ability to answer any question we've thrown at him is phenomenal and un-matched by any partner we've worked with. We'd recommend RevPartners to anyone looking to get just started with HubSpot. Keep up the great work! 

James M.

They helped us migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales Hub and made the entire process SO much easier and FASTER than I ever thought possible. The constant communication during the migration process went over and beyond what was expected and we just couldn't be happier! 

Liz M.

Hubspot Onboarding At Your Speed

RP Basic RP Premium
Kickoff (from purchase) 10 Days 7 Days 3 Days
Meeting Cadence 2 Weeks 2 Weekly Weekly
Training Type Guidance Guidance + Playbooks + Training Full Implementation + Training
Migrations* None 1 Dataset Up to 5 Datasets
Third-Party Integrations None 5 Integrations Up to 15 Integrations
Custom Integrations (API) None None Up to 5 Custom APIs
Automations None 1 Automation + Training 5 Automations
Role Consultative Coach Teammate
Completion 3 Objectives Over 90 Days 3 Objectives Over 60 Days 5 Objectives Over 90 Days
Hub-Specific Features Comparison - see below

Hubspot Onboarding At Your Speed

Kickoff (from purchase)
Hubspot 10 Days RP Basic 7 Days RP Premium 3 Days
Meeting Cadence
Hubspot 2 Weeks RP Basic 2 Weekly RP Premium Weekly
Training Type
Hubspot Guidance RP Basic Guidance + Playbooks + Training RP Premium Full Implementation + Training
Hubspot None RP Basic 1 Dataset RP Premium Up to 5 Datasets
Third-Party Integrations
Hubspot None RP Basic 5 Integrations RP Premium Up to 15 Integrations
Custom Integrations (API)
Hubspot None RP Basic None RP Premium Up to 5 Custom APIs
Hubspot None RP Basic 1 Automation + Training RP Premium 5 Automations
Hubspot Consultative RP Basic Coach RP Premium Teammate
Hubspot 3 Objectives Over 90 Days RP Basic 3 Objectives Over 60 Days RP Premium 5 Objectives Over 90 Days
Hub-Specific Features Comparison - see below

More Experience, Less Risk, Better Value

HubSpot Onboarding Pricing

RevPartners is able to waive the required HubSpot onboarding fee in favor of charging our own white glove onboarding as an Elite partner - you don't pay double.

Onboarding Basic Onboarding Premium Onboarding
Sales Hub Pro $500 $500 $10,000
Enterprise $3,000 $3,000 $15,000
Marketing Hub Pro $3,000 $3,000 $10,000
Enterprise $6,000 $6,000 $15,000
Service Hub Pro $500 $500 $10,000
Enterprise $3,000 $3,900 $15,000
Sales Hub - Pro
Sales Hub - Enterprise
Marketing Hub - Pro
Marketing Hub - Enterprise
Service Hub - Pro
Service Hub - Enterprise


How long does the HubSpot onboarding plan take?

Depending on the level of effort, it will take between 4-8 weeks.

What do I get?
  • Revenue Strategist - This is the person responsible for understanding your go-to-market strategy, system design, as well as training.
  • Technician - This is the person responsible for implementing the design created by the strategist and overseeing all technical setup.
What happens when I start?
  • Onboarding - You will be connected to our traffic partner to map out your custom onboarding
  • Checklist - You will complete a checklist to make sure we have access to systems and tools required for a successful onboarding
  • Strategy - Together we will coordinate the first step of onboarding, which is Strategy.
What is difference from Hubspot Customer Onboarding?

Think Project Management vs do it with you

Hubspot: HubSpot's Standard Pro and HubSpot's Enterprise Onboarding only consists of 4-5 weekly calls to guide you on doing your own work.

RevPartners: We do strategy, design, and technical implementation. It’s all on us.

Why not do it myself?

We allow business owners and teams to focus on working on their business while we implement and onboard Hubspot to get your time-to-value lower. You'll be set up more rapidly on the tools, and your team can onboard and hit the ground running without the learning curve. You don't have to take a backseat on your business.   Here are 3 questions to ask yourself

  • - Do you have the time to do it yourself?
  • - Do you have the knowledge to do it yourself?
  • - Do you want to pay a full time employee to manage it?
What happens after onboarding?
  • - While there is no obligation to continue using us, our goal is to do such a good job that you never want to get rid of us.  The reality is your business is dynamic and your Hubspot instance needs to be managed to accommodate the fluidity of your business.  
  • - With our RevOps managed service, we serve as your all in one solution for sales, marketing and service.

Ready to Start Your Engine?

Get onboarded quickly with true HubSpot experts so you can focus on revenue growth.