Southbound Sessions

Hear all of the awesome (and value heavy!) speakers and sessions from the inaugural revenue summit of the South...Southbound!

In this course:

  • videocam 7 Lessons
  • speed under 5 Hours
  • Session 1

    Driving Profitable Growth at Scale w/ Ian Steward

  • Session 2

    Lean Revenue Production w/ Sid Kumar 

  • Session 3

    How GTM Teams are Getting REAL Business Value from AI w/ Kyle Coleman

  • Session 4

    Metrics That Matter w/ Tami McQueen, Jim Douglass, Eric Gilroy, and Brooks Robinson

  • Session 5

    How to Not Suck at Marketing w/ Jeff Perkins and Alina Vandenberghe

  • Session 6

    Growth at all Costs is Dead w/ Sangram Vajre

  • Session 7

    How CROs Should Engage with AI w/ Andy Pitre

Class 1

What exact is RevOps? The definition may surprise you.

The RevOps MBA Video 2-1
Class 2

The core concepts of RevOps have been around for decades. How did the word suddenly become so popular?  

The RevOps MBA Video 3
Class 3

If you liked the movie “Moneyball”, then you’ll love RevOps.

Class 4

Passive Adoption vs Active Adoption.  

Hint:  You want the second one!

Class 5

Adoption (part two)

Yes, it’s THAT important.