Building a RevOps Engine in HubSpot - with Frank Devine

If you're a business leader or operations professional who's serious about unlocking the full potential of your company's revenue operations, then this series is for you!

Take a look into the foundational playbooks that showcase RevPartners' expertise in leveraging HubSpot to streamline and enhance your RevOps strategy.

Each video focuses on the WHY behind the processes, providing best practices and strategic insights. Learn how to align your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to drive efficiency, boost revenue, and achieve sustainable growth.

In this course:

  • videocam 4 lessons
  • speed under 60 minutes
Class 1

What exact is RevOps? The definition may surprise you.

The RevOps MBA Video 2-1
Class 2

The core concepts of RevOps have been around for decades. How did the word suddenly become so popular?  

The RevOps MBA Video 3
Class 3

If you liked the movie “Moneyball”, then you’ll love RevOps.

Class 4

Passive Adoption vs Active Adoption.  

Hint:  You want the second one!

Class 5

Adoption (part two)

Yes, it’s THAT important.