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In this course:

  • timer 10 hours
  • videocam 6 lessons
  • award_star RevOps Academy Certification
RevOps Summer School 1
Class 1

The Science of Revenue Growth

  • Settling the RevOps definition debate
  • How RevOps can help your business
  • Is a "RevOps professional" really a thing?
RevOps Summer School Class 2
Class 2

The Business Model

  • How SaaS came to be
  • How to know which go-to-market motions to choose
  • Predicting sales cycle length, ACV, win rates, and risk AHEAD of time
RevOps Summer School Class 3
Class 3

Go-To-Market, The Growth Model & Data Model (Part 1)

  • Properly aligning go-to-market motions
  • The key drivers of growth for each type of customer
  • An introduction to the Bowtie Funnel (warning: mind-blowing)
RevOps Summer School Class 4
Class 4

The Data Model (Part 2) & Math Model

  • Applying a scientific approach to the Bowtie Funnel
  • Volume, conversion and time metrics:  THIS is RevOps
  • How to prioritize actions using the math model
RevOps Summer School Class 5
Class 5

The Tool Stack & Doing RevOps Inside HubSpot CRM

  • What should a modern B2B tool stack look like?
  • How HubSpot can consolidate your tool stack
  • Live walkthrough of lifecycle stages in HubSpot
RevOps Summer School Class 6
Class 6

The RevOps Pyramid & RevOps Lift

  • How people benefit from a good process
  • Revising the RevOps pyramid
  • RevOPs lift:  getting big differences with small changes