QBR Webinar Series - with Brian Kreutz, Diana Gonzalez, and Andrew Lydon

Tired of people sleeping through your quarterly business review presentations?

We can help with that!

Running a successful quarterly business review is easy---when you know the right way to do it.

Find out how in this 3 part series!

Learn how to effectively:

  • Build a QBR
  • Present a QBR
  • Drive Next Steps based on QBRs

Perfect for VC/PEs and anyone responsible for driving growth and managing client relationships!

In this course:

  • videocam 2 Lessons
  • speed under 2 Hours
  • Class 1

    Building a Quarterly Business Review 

  • Class 2

    Presenting a Quarterly Business Review 

  • Class 3

    Driving "Next Steps" Based on Quarterly Business Reviews (Coming Soon!)

Class 1

What exact is RevOps? The definition may surprise you.

The RevOps MBA Video 2-1
Class 2

The core concepts of RevOps have been around for decades. How did the word suddenly become so popular?  

The RevOps MBA Video 3
Class 3

If you liked the movie “Moneyball”, then you’ll love RevOps.

Class 4

Passive Adoption vs Active Adoption.  

Hint:  You want the second one!

Class 5

Adoption (part two)

Yes, it’s THAT important.