RP in the World

We want RP to be a refuge from the division that is increasingly present in our world. A place of safety and belonging.  

Cultural Expectations

Companies are expected to engage in a wide variety of social activism and political involvement.  

While well-intentioned, we believe unfocused company activism is fraught with danger, often causing division among teams. In an effort to be inclusive, companies create division.

Even if we all agree that something is a problem, we may not agree on how to actually go solve it. 



RevPartners Response

  • Relentless Focus: Change happens in the world when people converge to tackle a hard problem with relentless focus. More companies die of indigestion than starvation. We make a greater impact when we execute a unified mission tenaciously. 
  • Our Approach: RevPartners chooses focus - a single-minded, steady pursuit of our mission and living our values and operating principles. This means the company will not engage with important, yet non-mission-related initiatives (Non-HubSpot, Policy / Societal / Headline Issues, and Political Discourse). This likely means the company may not represent your personal beliefs externally. 
  • Why Mission-Focused: The way for us to make the biggest impact on the world is via executing our mission - empowering doers to unlock their latent potential through revenue operations
  • Consistency is Kindness: We will always err toward honesty and transparency in an effort to love RPers and the world well.  We believe creating a framework for how the company engages with the world provides clarity and consistency.  We believe this consistency is kindness.



Growing a Value-Based team

RP Value: Servant's Heart

By definition it is living and giving generously. We believe this value is lived out via our operating principles below.

Team Over Self

The sum is greater than the parts. We grip hands to accomplish a mission that is greater than any one individual.

Default to Trust

We assume the best in others and seek understanding. Trust liberally.  Seek reconciliation, not damnation.

Unity > Division

Differences are inevitable, division is a choice. We choose to focus on what unites.

Be Available

Time & knowledge are precious. When another RPer is in need, whether solving a problem or just needing someone to talk to, be available with your time & attentiveness.

Be Known (Roses + Thorns)

You have value for who you are, not for what you do. We foster trust through vulnerability.

Staying on mission

Mission Focused = Deeper Impact

It’s through this lens that we interact with the world around us. We (and the company) have finite time and saying yes to one initiative means forgoing another. 


Build Great Products and Services

The primary impact RP has is the products and services we create, enabling others to experience their mission by democratizing revenue operations.  



We only work with customers who want to or are leveraging HubSpot for marketing, sales, or customer service.


Create RevOps Experts

We create and attract Revops experts who believe in the transformational effect of revenue operations on the individual level (ex. RPers becoming lethal) and the company level (ex. enabling scale for Series A-C companies). 


Foster RevOps Community

We create a home for RevOps professionals in a function that can be isolating & lonely.


Expect Awesome and Unlock Potential

We have high standards and recognize excellence, which means RP rewards your overall contribution to the mission, goals, and company values.


Enable Belonging

We work to create an environment where everyone brings their full selves to work - an inclusive, loving environment that fosters restoration, reconciliation, and peace.

Embrace Diversity

We believe all people are image-bearers of God who have unique perspectives and awesomeness to share. 

Share Resources

We care deeply about widows, orphans, the poor, the sick, human trafficking, and the refugee.  Thus we support organizations that share this conviction.

Guidelines for Social Engagement

Individual RPer:

Our heart is that you express your convictions freely and are fully known. 
  • Social Media:Personal social media platform is not a company resource. Your post should reflect your convictions.
  • Bonusly Points: These are your points and you can give them to any charity you see fit. 
  • PTO: Use at your discretion to celebrate holidays and causes important to you.

RP (Company):

Our heart is the company is a safe place for all to belong.

  • Giving: RP only gives monetary gifts to organizations whose mission is directly related to: serving widows, orphans, the poor, the sick, the trafficked, and the refugee.
  • Social Media: We do not engage in divisive issues that distract us from our mission. Specifically, we will not change our logo or post, like, share, comment on any policy / societal / headline Issues.
  • Sales Engagements: As a rule, we do not serve political parties, campaigns, or organizations promoting specific policy issues.
  • Dialogue and Reconciliation: We create opportunities for dialogue because it allows others to be more fully known.
What we avoid

Important yet non-mission-related (and many times divisive) initiatives


We do not support non-HubSpot centric tech stacks.

Policy/Societal/Headline Issues

We do not engage in divisive issues that distract us from our mission. Even if we all agree something is a problem, we may not all agree on the solution. We support our RPers as individuals to hold personal beliefs that drive activism in their day-to-day lives. We don’t expect the company to represent our personal beliefs externally.

Political Discourse

We don’t advocate for any political party or candidates either with company funds or company resources.

Why stay mission focused? 

To build for the future.

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