Pit Stops to Podium HubSpot Style

A RevPartners podcast series that features multiple voices from one company that has competed and won, making the transition from growth to scale.

  • Yamini Rangan: CEO
  • Channing Ferrer: VP of Sales Strategy & Operations
  • Cody Normand: Senior Manager, Sales Productivity and Enablement
  • Kyle Jepson: Head of Sales Academy
  • Brian Garvey: Head of Partner Program
  • Mark Roberge: HubSpot Advisor and Former CRO
  • Scott Wilder: Head of Communities
  • Scott Brinker: Head of HubSpot Marketplace
  • Alison Elworthy: EVP of Revenue Operations
  • Max Cohen: Special Edition Episode!

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All sessions from the three-day experience that featured HubSpot and RevOps leaders available for powerpass holders for 1 year!


A conversation between the Ops Community and Matt Bolian, Co-Founder & Head of Growth at RevPartners. Learn about the Rise of the Revenue Strategists and tactics to hiring RevOps professionals.


Sept. 29 via Zoom

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